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After all, until a fetus takes its first breath, it really is a parasite feeding off the host, much like a tapeworm (which is also a living thing, but not protection-worthy to pro-lifers).
I'm just feeding off the emotion of the whole team right now,'' said Herczeg, 17, who has 18 goals - 11 in league - and four assists.
The 18-year-old manufacturer of roof trusses, garden sheds, gazebos and stair stringers has plans to expand their production space yet again this fall, feeding off the white hot North American residential housing and home improvement market.
Feeding off their hosts' blood, the energy-sapping mites weaken and soon kill the bees (SN: 2/8/97, p.
Feeding off momentum from a jump in the Jewish vote for Bush over four years from 19 percent to 25 percent - a stat Greenfield finds, for lack of a better term, conservative - the regional RJC director went back out into the community.