feel distrust

See: doubt, suspect
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It is true, and I own it now, that though I knew what good cause Don Fernando had to praise Luscinda, it gave me uneasiness to hear these praises from his mouth, and I began to fear, and with reason to feel distrust of him, for there was no moment when he was not ready to talk of Luscinda, and he would start the subject himself even though he dragged it in unseasonably, a circumstance that aroused in me a certain amount of jealousy; not that I feared any change in the constancy or faith of Luscinda; but still my fate led me to forebode what she assured me against.
Employees can feel distrust toward the organization.
We feel distrust and indignation that (our message) did not reach the state.
Washington, Sep 15 (ANI): Religious people have more trust in authority, while those with moral convictions feel distrust, according to a study.
In terms of the digitization of health care financing, we are still in that paper-based era, and many people feel distrust for electronic health care management in the same way they felt distrust for electronic banking when it was first introduced.