feel unsure

See: doubt, hesitate
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If you still feel unsure of the result, you can get a second opinion or a pathology review from another doctor who can take a look at your biopsy tissue again.
AQUARIUS January 21-February 19 Work has put you under enormous pressure lately, and you may feel unsure of who is on your side and who is using you.
SPENDING Consumer spending, which is probably the clearest indication of how confident people are feeling, shows that we are spending a little bit more money but people still feel unsure.
Company directors can feel unsure whether these accountants are really acting in the best interests of the bank, rather than the business they are trying to save, and as a result, this traditional approach can limit the range of potential strategies available to take the business forward," he said.
Legg and Kate Sweeny wrote that the process of giving or getting bad news is difficult for most people, particularly when news-givers feel unsure about how to proceed with the conversation.
This is especially true when it comes to social media, which respondents identified as an area where they continue to still feel unsure in their capability to address risks.
Do some market research of the area you are looking to buy in, have financial advice and if you have any questions or feel unsure, just ask the agent.
com)-- Bringing a child into your home is a exciting decision but some people feel unsure of what is the best fit for their family or how to go about it.
Women can feel unsure of what is best for them and their babies.
Jailing Ireland for 21 months after he admitted affray and common assault, Judge David Wood told him: "Despite being an off-duty police officer he was very frightened by what you did and feels insecure in his own home and his children feel unsure about playing on their own street.
Perhaps they feel unsure about how to do this effectively or they aren't confident they will get the desired response.
We understand people may be nervous about trying new ingredients or feel unsure about cooking vegetables in a different way, but the cards inspire them to rediscover wonderful tastes and textures of Welsh grown produce.