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Alternatively, sterile weevils can be released into the wild in the evening because lower adult Cylas formicarius feign death during the night than daytime (Miyatake 2001a).
accismus Greek akkismos prudery, a derivative of akkizesthai to feign ignorance
His narrator, John Milk, is a typical, sexually frustrated Indiana University student who feigns an engagement in order to enroll in professor Alfred Kinsey's famous 1939 seminar on marriage--complete with a slide show of aroused genitals that leaves everyone in the room on the verge of a dead faint.
In a non-developmental reading of Hal, Shannon claims that, insisting on the isolation and self-governance of kings, he feigns but ultimately rejects friendship with Falstaff.
At a few points during his act Stuart name-checks the gay canon--for instance, clicking his heels and blurting "There's no place like home, there's no place like home" when he feigns exasperation with the crowd.