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Seeing that I meant to dodge, he also paused; and a moment or two passed in feints on his part and corresponding movements upon mine.
The king and the cardinal are the best of friends; their apparent bickerings are only feints to deceive fools.
Interminably he discoursed on finance and Russian politics, and though, at times, the General made feints to contradict him, he did so humbly, and as though wishing not wholly to lose sight of his own dignity.
The battling beasts made a few feints and passes at each other before the larger succeeded in fastening his fangs in the other's throat, and then, as a cat shakes a mouse, the larger lion shook the lesser, and when his dying foe sought to roll beneath and rake his conqueror with his hind claws, the other met him halfway at his own game, and as the great talons buried themselves in the lower part of the other's chest and then were raked downward with all the terrific strength of the mighty hind legs, the battle was ended.
She then requested Kate to follow her, and after several feints on the part of Mr Mantalini to attract the young lady's attention, they went away: leaving that gentleman extended at full length on the sofa, with his heels in the air and a newspaper in his hand.
The Australian section is represented by some established artists like the Lindsays, George Collingridge and Adrian Feint as well as some newer artists like Phillip Litchfield and Eric Thake.
She catalogues and discusses the literary strategies (paraphrase, definition, digression, feint astonishment, and apostrophe, among others) Sponde uses to give depth and breadth to his hermeneutic tasks.
The clarity of such a challenge always takes pundits and politicians by surprise, as Pam Iorio's feint toward continued ballot-counting would have done had she and others followed it through.
If I were an amateur boxer, I'd have to learn how to jab, how to feint, how to roll with the punches before getting my big shot at becoming a champ.
It is not a game for the feint of heart, but we worked to adjust the game to fit our customers and we're seeing more players view it as the pinnacle of MMO gaming.
Contract notice: Investigation of the distribution of eggs and feint feint feint larvae as well as the development of stock in the elbe estuary.
Paul Lynan, 40, shouted: "I'm going to kill you" as his victim, Michael Feint, screamed in pain as flames engulfed his body.