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Yet I read his stuff, and it seems to me the perfection of the felicitous expression of the inane.
Then Kate had the art of turning the conversation to subjects upon which the country girl, bashful at first in strange company, could feel herself at home; and if Mrs Nickleby was not quite so felicitous at times in the selection of topics of discourse, or if she did seem, as Mrs Browdie expressed it, 'rather high in her notions,' still nothing could be kinder, and that she took considerable interest in the young couple was manifest from the very long lectures on housewifery with which she was so obliging as to entertain Mrs Browdie's private ear, which were illustrated by various references to the domestic economy of the cottage, in which
The late Carleon Anthony, the poet, sang in his time of the domestic and social amenities of our age with a most felicitous versification, his object being, in his own words, "to glorify the result of six thousand years' evolution towards the refinement of thought, manners and feelings.
This is the third anniversary of our felicitous union.
Minto Square, Great Clive Street, Warren Street, Hastings Street, Ochterlony Place, Plassy Square, Assaye Terrace ("gardens" was a felicitous word not applied to stucco houses with asphalt terraces in front, so early as 1827)--who does not know these respectable abodes of the retired Indian aristocracy, and the quarter which Mr.
Once more Mr Verloc had to react with all the force of his will against that sensation of faintness running down one's legs which once upon a time had inspired some poor devil with the felicitous expression: "My heart went down into my boots.
Then I caught a distant view of a herd of quadrupeds, rushing up and down the swells --animals, which would have still remained unknown and undescribed, had it not been for a most felicitous accident
They get both in this double SACD set of live recordings which instead focus on their felicitous orchestration, melodic fecundity and romantic fervour.
Welsh has a felicitous facility to do so very well indeed.
One of these felicitous occasions came on Tuesday when the Centre admitted something that all of us already knew: it needs criminals to survive.
At Allianz Arena, 25-year-old's new contract will keep him until 2018 while the Germany international stated that he couldn't be more felicitous to be sustaining his stay with last season's treble winners.
Opera York's presentation of Lucia di Lammermoor featured a felicitous mix of fresh young voices at the beginning of their careers and experienced singers in full maturity and beyond.