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Feline leukaemia virus is entirely preventable through regular vaccination which can be given at the same time at the flu and enteritis vaccination.
38 The oldest cat in the world was American feline Creme Puff of Austin from Texas, who made it to the ripe old age of 38.
Two related strains of feline infectious peritonitis virus isolated from immunocompromised cats infected with a feline enteric coronavirus.
Feline Friends have many cats and kittens that are not on the website waiting for homes.
Feline Friends is organising Adopt-a-Cat Day this Saturday, May 17, at The Veterinary Hospital in Al Quoz from 3pm to 6pm
There is currently no anti-viral treatment licensed to treat feline herpes infection in the UK or any of the major markets, so a significant market opportunity exists.
Cats Protection is the UK's leading feline welfare charity, rehoming around 60,000 cats and kittens every year through its nationwide network of 29 Centres and 260 voluntary-run Branches.
I suggest that you get a copy of Feline and Canine Infectious Diseases, by R M Gaskell and M Bennett (ISBN 0-632-03446-7), published by Blackwell Science.
However, discoveries on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus indicate that people domesticated felines there by about 9,500 years ago, long before the cat-worshipping Egyptians' time.
Cat advocates say the real problem is not feline but human: urban sprawl, pollution, habitat degradation and over-hunting.
Having been a companion-animal bachelorette for some time, I was reminded by my boundless affection for Sofia of that sweet and sadly distant time when lesbian folk and our feline friends were bound by troth, seemingly forever.