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Both parents were student activists who fell afoul of Argentina's brutal military dictatorship in 1976-1983 that forced the disappearance of some 30,000 people.
While Apple's teams worked spectacularly well across divisions and platforms, the Sony project fell afoul of internal politics, soured relationships and a culture that rewarded competition among engineers, not collaboration.
Security forces members who once stopped drivers out past curfew instead stood by and watched the show, though one young man fell afoul of the authorities for performing a burnout outside a hotel in his Dodge Challenger, the tyres shrieking and spilling smoke as they spun around.
While musicians were occasionally arrested for vagrancy, and some well-known ones fell afoul of the law for other reasons, music scarcely concerned the police.
By refusing to testify to various congressional committees and invoking the Fifth Amendment, all three fell afoul of the anti-communist atmosphere of the times and placed their careers in jeopardy.
Based in Beijing, Yan fell afoul of authorities there with ''Dream of Ding Village,'' about the AIDS crisis caused by HIV-contaminated blood, and ''To Serve the People,'' with a character who can be aroused only when his lover smashes images of Chairman Mao.