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We started well with a good cutting edge and were thinking of a try bonus but then fell away as we did against Llandovery, Cross Keys and Swansea.
Penrith's Gary Lockerbie fell away yesterday when he shot a two-over-par 74, but still claimed a top-30 finish with a share of 29th place.
A two-under-par 68 in the morning left Wie in joint-13th place, with 18 places at Winged Foot available, but the 16-year-old Hawaiian fell away with a second-round 75 in the qualifying tournament in New Jersey.
From Ester Partegas's tarp-covered, boarded-off Monument to the Truth, 2005, in the center's yard, which echoed adjacent condo developments, to Bryan Savitz's Submissive Compressions, 2005, a set of fanciful cityscapes made of discarded fruit and vegetable cartons--that is to say, from witty conceptualism to BFA-grade monkeying-around--the show's concern with a recrudescence of form and tradition fell away in favor of a portrait of New York as an actual place rather than as a mere node in a global system.
The clubby Stars Above Us finally got some life into the crowd but this quickly fell away with the dirge Last Orders For Gary Stead.
When human beings fell away from him, he sent his Son to show us how to live.
It had a strong beginning, but like many devotions it quickly fell away, in the enlightenment of the 1960's.
The barriers fell away and unity and peace were restored.
As the curtain fell away and a cheer went up, Spears was wheeled on stage in a tall chariot, looking for all the world like a statue of Lenin, if the Russian dictator had been a beefy bottle-blond aerobics instructor.