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After looking the most likely winners, Burscough fell behind again 15 minutes from time as Robbie Painter fastened onto a long throw-in to score.
The Hatters again fell behind on 61 minutes when Luton full back Gavin McGowan scored.
Willenhall fell behind on 16 minutes when Ian Johnson volleyed in from a cross, but after Lee Bullimore hit the Morpeth bar, team-mate John Quilt restored parity on the half hour for Town from a corner.
More than half of those in foreclosure did not call for help when they fell behind in their mortgage payments.
Wescott, 29, fell behind Slovakia's Radoslav Zidek halfway down the course in the final, made a patient but late move to overtake Zidek and then held him off at the finish to win by about three feet.
PLAYING into a strong wind Nottingham fell behind to a penalty from Ian Morgan before Stuart Daley hit back with a try to put them in front.
For the most part, other industries fell behind banking, finance and business services in both "average starting salary" and "salary after three years" comparisons.