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A Redlands family of four and an unidentified couple died early Monday on Highway 58 when their vehicles were smashed by 7-1/2-ton concrete pipes that fell off a big rig, California Highway Patrol officials said.
With his team down 78-76, Heinle made his first free-throw attempt, but after an Eastern timeout, his second attempt fell off the back iron into the waiting arms of Eastern's Shannon Taylor as time expired.
One guard was unloading money when a bag of coins fell off the truck.
The key will be run defense, and the health of LB Kevin Hardy, who, like Brackens, fell off in second year.
In a separate incident a 3ft-square piece of wing fell off a BA jet at 10,000ft as it took off from Heathrow for Manchester on December 6.
He was stuck in a cab just behind Evans, who fell off his pounds 2,000 scooter on busy Holland Park Avenue near Notting Hill on Wednesday lunch time.
Moments after leaving the Department of Motor Vehicles after picking up a driver's guide, a 17-year-old boy was critically injured Wednesday when he fell off the back of a friend's pickup onto his head.
Fireman battled for nearly two hours to free the terrified 14-year-old, who was trapped after she slipped and fell off a wall in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.
But Egyptian archeologists hope they will never again have to face the furor that erupted in 1988 when a boulder fell off the deteriorating Sphinx's right shoulder, costing the country's chief of antiquities his job.
Both had what I considered faulty pins on them and these fell off.
The woman reportedly fell off the vehicle at a roundabout in Mazeed locality as the door was not closed properly.
The suspect's Syrian dentist neighbour told court: "She called me telling the child fell off a bike and was in critical condition, I rushed to the house and found her unconscious, her lips were blue and her body had gone cold.