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This is certainly not a "just say no" decision, yet it allows the poem to end on a note of sad fellow feeling.
Put differently, Hume is asking how could fellow feeling with a parent in pain over the sickness of a child mitigate the parent's pain, while fellow feeling with people involved in mob activity escalate their emotion.
Ethnic identities have certain impacts that fit the hypotheses of ethnic fellow feeling or conflict.
Is the cultivation of fellow feeling compatible with recognition and protection of reasonable pluralism about the good?
But, this past week, I have had to admit that even this old republican has had a twinge of fellow feeling for the poor old Prince of Wales.
I have read so much of your work with joy that, acting on impulse, and in the fellow feeling of craftsman for craftswoman, I write to say so.
His long handicap mark was 4st 12lb and I have a certain fellow feeling for any other of God's creatures who also have to tackle life's challenges 5st 2lb wrong at the weights.
Fukuyama worries that the piecemeal introduction of genetic enhancement procedures--sure to be technically complex and expensive at first--will not only widen the existing gap between earth's haves and have-nots, but also make it permanently unbridgeable, producing violent conflict or eliminating universal human traits like sympathy and fellow feeling.
For six-plus decades I have nurtured masculine fellow feeling alongside and in the guise of fairy-tale romances, impossible hetero crushes, boyfriends, lovers, and fuck-buddies.
I have to admit to a certain fellow feeling with the doomed king as we enter the last 48 hours before lift-off for the first ever four-day Festival.
BRIGITTE NIELSEN: I had a certain fellow feeling with Brigitte.
But you can imagine my surprise when a letter dropped on my desk here in the Pleasuredome expressing some sort of fellow feeling towards our existence here in a work capsule as pressurised as George W Bush's proposed Moonbase.

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