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The Drama League in New York City offers four different fellowships in directing at resident theatres, all culminating with a professionals week designed to allow directors to see shows, participate in post-show seminars, and connect with the industry.
Fellowships are available to graduate students in good standing who propose to complete a dissertation as described above.
ISLAMABAD -- The Online News Association is accepting applications for the MJ Bear Fellowship and the HBCU Digital Media Fellowship.
Fellowship training typically consists of 1-3 years of additional specialized training once an individual has completed general urological residency training.
As informed by the UGC, it has taken following initiatives to address grievances, if any, of fellowship holders regarding delay in administration and disbursement of fellowships:
National MS Society Fellowships Research Fellowships
Those students receiving Fellowships also receive paid travel and registration to two ACI Conventions, assignment to an industry mentor, and a summer internship, in some cases.
The programme attempts to match the recipient's earned income during the year preceding the fellowships, up to a maximum of US$100,000 for 10 months.
Thanks to its vast collections, the Smithsonian is able to offer learning opportunities through more than a thousand fellowships and internships each year.
Accepting Applications to Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF The Internet Society has announced that it is inviting applications for its latest Internet Society Fellowships to the IETF, part of its Next Generation Leaders (NGL) program (www.
To date, it has awarded more than 2,000 fellowships in a variety of fields, and more than 80 percent of recipients have gone on to careers in the transportation industry.
These 12-month fellowships provide a unique opportunity to train with and analyze the operations of two Fortune 500 companies.

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