felony murder

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4) The Illinois Supreme Court upheld both convictions under the felony murder rule and reaffirmed its allegiance to the proximate cause theory of felony murder.
To prove the crime of Attempted Felony Murder, the State must prove the following three elements beyond a reasonable doubt:
Jackson, (120) where the Court of Appeals held that the first jury's silence relative to the felony murder count did not have the effect of acquitting the defendant on that theory, where the jury convicted the defendant of premeditated and deliberate murder.
66) The Court then added that in nine states a defendant "could be executed for an unintended felony murder if sufficient aggravating circumstances are present .
At 15-and-a-half it seems (he) is one of the youngest people in this state to commit the offence of felony murder," Dempsey told Supreme Court judge Justice Paul Coghlan.
27) While felony murder is unpopular among academics, it is widely employed by prosecutors.
In explaining their sentencing decision after only about three hours of deliberations, the three male members of the jury said they likely would not have even convicted Alvarez on the 11 counts of first-degree murder in the eight-week trial if it had not been for the felony murder rule.
Manuel's attorney told him to plead guilty to attempted felony murder to receive a 15-year sentence and never appealed or withdrew the plea.
Obvious examples are using the felony murder rule and a past record of violent crime in considering the death sentence, both of which are more likely to put a man on death row than a woman, albeit perhaps for good reason.
McKinney was also convicted of first-degree felony murder, which unlike first-degree premeditated murder does not require proof of intent to kill, just to commit a related felony, in this case robbery and kidnapping.
75) One would assume that given such a high rate of commission in comparison to other murders, such as felony murder or multiple homicides, women who murder intimates would abound on death row.