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Furthermore, data suggests that this supposition about an ideal fit between male and female reproductive organs is dubious (Kraus, 1978, 1984; Jocque, 2002).
The company also produces the FertiloScope, an instrument which allows clinicians to carry out early diagnosis and correction of physical abnormalities of the female reproductive organs in an outpatient procedure.
Abu Dhabi A two-year-old boy who was born with internal female reproductive organs recently underwent a successful surgery in the capital to have the organs removed.
Hormone treatment ensures that while Beatie is able to grow a beard and looks male, she still has female reproductive organs.
The initial clinical report suggests Pinki's gender is ambiguous as she has both male and female reproductive organs.
Gynaecology, on the other hand, is the study of disease of the female reproductive organs, including the breasts.
The medical report submitted to the court should state that the patient does not have female reproductive organs and suffers from gender identity disorder.
The couple have decided they want a third child and as Scott still has female reproductive organs, it is possible.
All embryos start off more female than male, and they all begin to develop female reproductive organs.
We have found both male and female reproductive organs on her body parts," a member of the medical team told M AIL T ODAY on Tuesday.
Estrogen is a group of hormones present in a woman's body responsible for the development of female reproductive organs.
He left his female reproductive organs in place and decided to bear children after his wife, Nancy, found out she could not have kids, the Sun reported.