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STERILITY. Barrenness; incapacity to produce a child. It is curable and incurable; when of the latter kind, at the time of the marriage, and arising from impotency, it is a good cause for dissolving a marriage. 1 Fodere, Med. Leg. Sec. 254. See Impotency.

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To aid interpretation of Table 2's significant correlations, we performed quartile splits on both the female sterility item (low = 1, n = 11; high [greater than or equal to] 5, n = 15) and the sociosexuality index (low [less than or equal to] 23, n = 15; high [greater than or equal to] 45, n = 16).
3 Female sterility (%) 0 0 0 Bizerta Channel Imposex incidence(%) 100 100 100 Vas deferens sequence index 4.
Neither male nor female in function, neuters occur when the alleles containing male sterility and female sterility combine.