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This view subtly points to how Enitan is influenced by her mother's refusal of sexualized femininity, and its application across the various life stages of femaleness, whether youth or old age.
What this would entail practically, whether this would apply to all intersex people, and how maleness and femaleness would still be valued remains unspecified.
This work, therefore, was designed and undertaken, based on the hypothesis that soil-applied CaC2 induced ethylene production in plant bodyhas significant correlation with plant femaleness and fruit yield.
This conclusion addresses "girls," "women," "gals," "mothers," and "aunts," or words which are in line with conventional conceptions of femaleness.
I felt, according to my journal, that my femaleness was called into question around the physical constructs of my gender performance.
Symbols for femaleness are equally vivid: the Korean girl's orange, Jackie's iron, the "female paraphernalia" that anchor Lily to the earth--"douche bags, enema attachments, bottles of Massengill, Lydia Pinkham, Kotex, Veer hair removal, facial creams, mudpacks, curlers, lotions, deodorants.
For example, she states, "There was a vital relationship between enslavement and femaleness as legal disabilities, and between slave ownership and marriage as legal institutions," yet later All argues that "[m]arriage remains in some essential way distinctive and irreducible to matters of property" (8,165).
The specific circumstances and even the results differ, but the age-old association of femaleness with the lower, bodily faculties and maleness with higher, intellectual, spiritual motives prevails, in some form, across the decades in these films.
This passage and others suggest that the way to survive femaleness is through knowledge, which, in the case of this writer, seems mainly derived from those significant works of film and literature which comprise any hip coed's liberal arts education.
Its Human Rights Committee is joining the chorus of UNFPA, UNESCO and other bodies to call for a universal 'gender identity' right, to round off abortion and contraception guarantees intended to take care of problems that arise when one's biological femaleness or maleness gets in the way (http://www.
By denying their femaleness, women inhibit the very characteristics that make them natural leaders: the ability to listen, to empathise, do many things at once, and the facility for developing personal relationships with co-workers.
Wrapping her body tightly and wearing her papi's buckskin coat, carrying his rifle and the knife that killed him, she ran, hiding her femaleness and looking for the men who had started the blood feud: a man named Rove, who called himself a colonel, and her cousin Jedidiah Jones, who had always put Michaela down.