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Patients undergoing a diagnostic cardiac catheterization from a femoral artery approach at Baylor University Medical Center over a period of 6 months were randomly assigned to a control group, where fluoroscopy was not used prior to sheath placement, or to a treatment group, where fluoroscopy was used prior to sheath placement to localize the femoral head (Figure 1a).
Participants in the six-center trial headquartered at the University of Tubingen had chronic limb ischemia due to long femoral artery stenoses or occlusions, with a mean lesion length of 85 mm.
Using the conventional method, surgeons strip away the fascia lata, exposing the femoral artery and femoral vein, then perform a muscle transposition to protect the artery and vein during lymphadenectomy, she explained.
These outcomes both meet and exceed our expectations for patients with symptomatic disease of the superficial femoral artery.
Total quantity or scope: Supply kits femoral artery and radial - 2 packages.
Dale Wortham, University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville and RECITAL Study Principal Investigator, commented, "Introducing foreign materials in a patient to close the femoral artery can be problematic.
Femoral artery, especially the superficial femoral artery is the most frequent injured vessel during daily life and war, because it is relatively long and open to trauma.
StarClose SE utilizes the same nitinol (nickel and titanium) clip technology as StarClose to close the femoral artery access site after a catheterization procedure.
He saw blood spurting from the femoral artery and halted the flow.
Physicians can quickly and easily deliver the clip to the surface of a femoral artery with a series of four clicks of the device.
One woman was shot in the chest and another in the leg, piercing her femoral artery.