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I was, then, in the hall I have spoken of, asleep from fatigue with long fencing.
Now, you have told me that you were instructed in mathematics, astronomy, fencing, and riding; but you have not said a word about history.
Students from Salle Swords fencing studio performed in front of Burbank movie theaters during the opening of ``Zorro.
TORONTO -- BUILDING PRODUCTS magazine presents Eon(R) with the prestigious Most Valuable Product (MVP) Award for the new, low-maintenance fencing line.
Texas Fence Company deals in fencing for residential and commercial customers.
Last spring a teen-age boy was killed by a Metrolink train a mile away from the spot where the little girls died Tuesday, but Hidalgo said the transit company received complaint calls last week for the first time about the lack of fencing along the 13th Avenue area.
announced their plans to jointly develop an innovative, next generation swimming pool safety system by combining Invisa's patented "InvisaShield(TM)" electronic non-contact safety technology with Guardian's state of the art swimming pool fencing technology.
Residential fencing market to outpace nonresidential
For Chaminade High fencers Juan Capdet III and Derek Snyder, it has helped vault them into the thick of the United States Fencing Association's summer nationals, beginning July 4 in Santa Clara.
the world's leading distributor and manufacturer of perimeter security and fencing, sponsored 20 students who attended the American Fence Associations' (AFA) Field Training School, in Tulsa, Oklahoma October 28 - November 4, 2005.
The deer fence represents a new generation of polypropylene fence that is comparable in strength to more traditional metal fencing, while also being much easier to install.
Peter Westbrook remembers the days when his fellow New Yorkers misunderstood what he was doing in fencing.