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Investigations on the fermentability of maize cobs produced variable results.
Fermentability of the hemicellulose derived sugar from steam exploded softwood (Douglas-fir).
With the help of enzyme-rich rumen fluid extracted from the digestive tracts of dairy cows, the method can quickly predict the fermentability, or ethanol-producing potential, of a given cultivar.
The fermentability of polysaccharides by mixed human faecal bacteria in relation to their suitability as [kappa]-forming laxatives.
The launch range included: C*Bio-Gel 11300, a native maize starch with a relatively high viscosity; C*Bio-Gel Instant 11400, a pregelatinised maize starch used to increase viscosity; C*Bio-Dex 11200, a dextrose monohydrate sweetener with a significant cooling effect, high osmolarity and high fermentability.
Its findings determined both Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose powder exhibited good selective fermentability throughout the entire colon, positive and selective bifidogenic effects and also demonstrated the possibility of enhancing species belonging to Bacteroidetes.
In the LO and PO diets with reduced OM content and possible reduction of feed fermentability, a lower concentration of VFA was expected (Harvatine and Allen, 2006).