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The Nigerian resisted him ferociously and punched the law enforcement officer on his nose.
Navy trailing at 2-0 bounced back ferociously to win the next three games convincingly.
Well, Diana wasn't alone: Ballroom dance duo D'Angelo and Amanda were similarly, ferociously great as they set the dance floor ablaze with their 'impossible' routine.
The London MC is ferociously talented, with a charisma and presence equal to any more established artist.
They got in blocks and worked ferociously to win the ball back, arguably - and ironically - the biggest lesson they learned from Barcelona when they were humbled at Wembley.
SIR - As I watched the highlights of the Wales v England match on television last Saturday evening, I thought this is a replica of the Battle of Rorke's Drift in 1879, but instead of Welsh soldiers repelling the Zulu hordes, our rugby heroes were defending their try-line ferociously against the continuous efforts of the England team, preventing them scoring a single try.
Three-times-wed Moore, who was nicknamed the Pitbull on the rugby pitch, said the childhood trauma had made him ferociously competitive.
He hit the ball so ferociously that it left the crossbar swaying after it smashed against it.
In a five-hour ordeal, he was ferociously punched, kicked and beaten with exercise weights and a pole.
Okay, the EU are ferociously driving this campaign because CFLs use less electricity.
When He Told Her": and she knew from the beginning/he must/one day tell her,/she thought of that banyan tree--he would remember/the one-and how over the long years/it had fastened itself to the earth and the earth beneath/the earth, its long roots once suspended/in air now anchoring an orphanage of limbs, the leaves/beneath the leaves marshaling the dark, as if to say, Come,/I will hold you, you and your tears, so dense/was its shade, so bold the branches, so ferociously attached.
It's ferociously intense, with a rounded mouthfeel of sun-ripened red fruits.