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Hurricanes have always been around in this Pacific area but not with the ferocity of recent ones.
We do not own planet earth and the sooner we realise that the better - hurricanes have always been around in the Pacific area but not of the ferocity of the recent ones.
Such ferocity, Fuchs maintains, not only represents a major trend in modernist literature and culture, but it is an attitude or position that has been overvalued in postmodernist literary and cultural writings as well.
ALLAN McNISH believes the ferocity of his crash in the Le Mans 24 Hours on Saturday would have had a far more serious outcome had it occurred at the start of his career 30 years ago.
Rooney hit that volley against Newcastle six years ago with the same ferocity.
Ferocity "It is pure chance, given the ferocity and number of blows, that death did not result," said Judge John Warner.
Vacancies have struck England and Wales with varying degrees of ferocity as northern regions were hit much harder than elsewhere, according to the LDC.
PRIMAL SCREAM - BEAUTIFUL FUTURE Opener Beautiful Future fuses a hooky chorus with some typically menacing imagery, while lead single Can't Go Back recalls the unreconstructed ferocity of Evil Heat to thrilling effect.
While political opponents have heaped ridicule upon the Prime Minister, some even suggesting that one of the greatest figures in British literary history was little more than a violent misogynist, it is instructive to recall Emily Bronte's own description of the 19-year-old Heathcliff: "A half-civilised ferocity lurked yet in the depressed brows and eyes full of black fire, but it was subdued; and his manner was even dignified: quite divested of roughness, though stern for grace.
While Bing West's book "No True Glory" provides the reader with a better overview of the battle for Fallujah, "We Were One" is the best snapshot written to date that details the ferocity of the house-to-house fighting that took place that week.
His partners, drummer Geoff Paton and bassist Nick Thieneman, act as a steamroller of a rhythm section who anchor the pulse-pounding ferocity unleashed by their group.
From the quiet that pervades a nighttime apartment to silent snowfalls and the ferocity of an ice storm, Only the Senses Sleep sublimely captures a wide range of environmental experiences in the dark that pervade the corners of human consciousness.