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19) reported the ferromagnetic nature of Co-doped ZnO nanoparticle film, although there were a great number of controversies on whether Co-doped ZnO had room temperature ferromagnetism.
8 K), and the material locks into ferromagnetism at low T, destroying the superconducting state (36).
Working beyond conventional FETs, the new transistors will be build by combining novel layered semiconductor films grown by the CVD method: newly synthesized ionic material; and a well-defined interface optimized by surface analysis techniques; which jointly are able to boost the field effect control of carrier doping to the range required for switching quantum phases such as superconductivity in electrical transport, ferromagnetism in magnetization, and chiral or coherent light sources in optical applications.
Their topics include the thermodynamics of surface phenomena, localized states and surface elementary excitations, calculating adhesion characteristics of metals and their melts by the density functional method, friction of surfaces of solids with no lubrication, and ferromagnetism in ultrathin films of transition metals.
The researchers also show experimental evidence for excluding magnetic impurities to be the origin of ferromagnetism, ending ten years of debate.
Chapters cover the basics of magnetism and magnetic materials including the definitions and units of measurement, experimental methods, ferromagnetism, diamagnetism and fine particles and thin films.
The most familiar example of SBS is ferromagnetism we already sketched briefly.
8 K), and the material locks into ferromagnetism at low T as the superconducting state is destroyed.
But previous attempts to detect ferromagnetism in clusters of normally nonmagnetic metals had failed.