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When soldering up a manifold, if 20' lengths of copper pipe isn't your thing, the same preheater can be made from joining two to four coils of copper tubing with compression or ferule fittings and again use this to feed into the supply line of your water heater.
If they were lucky, the wood stove cast some heat, but by a February mid-day the ink was frozen in the older children's jars and the littlest ones were in tears of misery and struck with a ferule if they whispered or wiggled.
This gentleman is famous for his tail, which he uses for a ferule in thrashing his foes.
A Theorem," an article succeeding Russell's on the Absolute in the June 1871 issue, Ruskin speculated that if he prodded his umbrella ferule into a cuttlefish, the creature would respond as to any enemy it knew in its aquatic universe, by defensive and offensive measures concomitant with its species.
The critical connectivity issues include the alignment and precision issues outlined in Type One (for MT ferule style connectivity).
Cailleux R, Joly P (1987) Etude de quelques stations italiennes du Pleurote de la ferule.
European antelope curved natural horn handles are attractive, but some of these sticks have the bottom six inches of the antelope's leg and hoof at the ferule end of the walking stick and these days this may be considered unacceptable.
Pourtant, dans le Nord passe sous la ferule des chefs noirs Louverture, Dessalines et Christophe, il se produit une equivalence entre << cultivateur >> et << africain >>.
If 'nostra domina paupertas' had a moral enemy, it was not the pride beneath a scarlet robe, but that in a schoolmaster's ferule, and of all the schoolmasters the vainest and most pretentious was the scholastic philosopher.
Tincture, persiflage, lachrymose, slats (six times), feral, ferule, virago, farrago.
Seraientils en mesure d' apprecier le travail archarne d'un Louis-Philippe Berger qui, sous la ferule de l'eveque Courchesne, a voulu transformer de vastes etendues de forets du plateau bas-laurentien en colonies agricoles en plein coeur de la crise economique des annees 1930?
5mm ferule size, the Versa-Cleave saves time and reduces the need for custom tools for specific brands.