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18) Terry Eagleton has expressed this fervency as eloquently as anyone.
Everywhere you turn, people's eyes are glazing over with the fervency of conversation.
One can also ask how much of the fervency of this "revival" is due to temporary fears that come with rapid cultural change in the developing world?
It was a pity we had to hear it because, as King mentioned, the fervency and sheer numbers with which they follow their team is to otherwise be admired.
Ethical Dimensions Of The Prophets especially notes the strength and fervency of the prophets' messages of social equality, the importance of justice, and the evils of tyranny.
This performance lacked prayerfulness and fervency although Geoffrey Lockwood kept the whole ensemble together very well despite some awkward moments with the strings.
It somehow seems strange for a poet of his sometimes trembling fervency.
46) Exposing the actions of the monarchy to the gaze and judgment of the common multitude congregated around the platform stage was a risky and unpredictable affair--indeed the very fervency of the Chorus's appeals may perhaps indicate that they are designed to head off unsympathetic responses from that quarter.
The tale's emotional fervency thus arises from a web of imitated desire, and its violent potential is foreshadowed when the little boy says he will learn the song even if it means being "beaten thrice in an hour" for not learning his primer.
82) It is difficult to understand how a threshold issue of such importance could have been overlooked except for the fervency of both federal and state courts to attain other objectives.
Right on target, however, were the four Followers--Kathryn Berger, Tiffany Helm, Sandra Kerr, and Leslie Morton--marvelously right with their airs of sprightly fervency without undue frivolity.
Neither the collapse of the Soviet empire nor the eclipse of socialist ideology has really diminished the fervency of the left.