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Jorhat/Manipur [India], September 2 ( ANI ): Muslim across the North-east along with the rest of the country celebrated 'Eid-ul-Zuha' with fun and fervor after performing namaaz in different parts of the state.
The fervor of the childlike is what today's feast makes us remember.
Quiza el Fervor de Buenos Aires de 1923 (Fervor, en adelante) fue uno de los libros en que Borges se veia menos reflejado.
Defence Day of Pakistan was also being celebrated in Gilgit-Baltistan with traditional zeal and fervor.
Despite nationalistic fervor and intense mistrust in both nations, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met briefly in November during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, preceded by months of negotiations and last-minute bickering over English translations of the meeting's formal agreement.
Indian Ambassador Hamid Ali Rao will hoist the national flag on Indian embassy premises in Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter on Friday to mark the country's 68th independence day with traditional gaiety and fervor.
Con fervor creemos que la pasada eleccion fue limpia, o que no lo fue, porque en un abracadabra al reves, todo indicio de trampas se ha esfumado del discurso de los politicos o la prensa.
Bankers from across the country gathered to take part in this exciting event, and were welcomed with great fervor.
Even though he knew what was being asked of him, Abraham was able to maintain his fervor, and he was willing to surrender to an action that appeared to quash his hopes for the future.
Keeping the patriotic fervor high, MoMo Cafe offered an elaborate spread of eclectic cuisines from across the country.
If I remember correctly, when I was a student at the Escuela Normal de San Nicolas, in Argentina, we learned that the column that Norah drew for the cover of Fervor de Buenos Aires was an Ionic column, not a Doric.