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The television series has been followed by one-offspecials and films, including the 1991 Hollywood adaptation with Raul Julia, Angelica Huston, Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd in the Fester role.
Panto cast, from left: Jane Adamson as Fester the Jester, Beth Wood as Fairy Liquid, Louise Dockray as Prince Charm-|ing, with dancers Laura Horgan, Regan Wood and Taylor Fisher; front: Clare Dodsley as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
they'll leave suspicions unresolved & they will fester JOHN MAJOR FORMER PRIME MINISTER
And if you think Ron, who teaches at the Eston Centre, looks ghastly as Uncle Fester in our pictures, there may be worse to come for the January 1 dip.
This type of hateful sentiment must not be allowed to fester," she said, adding that the voices of tolerance must join to defeat extremism.
The two victims were dressed up as characters from the Addams Family - Mr McDermott as Pugsley, and Mr Fleming as Uncle Fester.
DOES your make-up fester in dirty old bags or lie unwanted at the bottom of overstuffed drawers?
Jo allows her longing for a woman at her workplace to fester until it becomes a rotten part of her outlook on life.
The board let the company's woes fester way too long, so don't expect "Cinderella" with a happy ending.
I visited my local bronzing salon because I was so white I made Uncle Fester look like the guy from Hot Chocolate wearing a turtle-neck jumper.
Although DSL is less expensive, the cable modem moves fester.
Las agencias premiadas fueron: DDB Mexico con 2 preseas de oro, con Dormimundo y Aeromexico; 2 de plata, con VW y Dormimundo y 3 de bronces con Bonafont y Jetta; S2-Mexico conquisto una presea de oro, con Fester, dos de plata con Maruchan y Fester y dos bronces con Fester y Secretaria de Salud; J.