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Adam could just see that it was on the top of a hill, not quite so high as that which was covered by the Castle, on whose tower flew the flag, and which was all ablaze with moving lights, manifestly used in the preparations for the festivities on the morrow.
He doubted that it was one of his hut mates returning from the festivities, for he still heard the wild cries of the dancers and the din of the tom-toms in the village street without.
The men were making merry with festivities and dances; some were bringing home a bride to her husband on a well-wheeled car, while the bridal-song swelled high, and the glow of blazing torches held by handmaidens rolled in waves afar.
Dubai: Downtown Dubai's New Year's Eve festivities, which will feature a light show at the world's tallest tower, are set to be streamed live on social media, it was announced on Wednesday.
Visitors to the Cultural Village Foundation Katara are taking part in an array of activities with organisers pulling out all the stops to make this year's festivities a memorable experience.
SARGODHA -- District Coordination Officer (DCO) Saqib Manaan has said that Jashan-i-Bahaaran festivities will be celebrated in the district from March 15.
NyAMEY (CyHAN)- Nigerien workers, saddened by the death of tens of their fellow citizens during last Saturday's terrorist attack by Boko Haram in the extreme eastern region of Karamga, have decided to cancel the normal May 1 festivities, a trade union source said.
Pii Mai Lao is where you'll find locals and tourists throwing water at each other in festivities that ring in the Lao New Year.
Manama, Dec18(BNA) Muharraq Municipality has today honoured the team of workers in recognition of their efforts to organise the festivities marking Bahrain's 43rd National Day.
Summary: HM King Mohammed VI decided to cancel all the celebrations and festivities marking his birthday following the death of HRH Princess Lalla Fatima Zahra in consideration of the place of the late Princess in the hearts of all members of the Royal family and the Moroccan people, Ministry of Royal household, Protocol and Chancellery announced on Tuesday.
ARBIL/ Aswat al-Iraq: Kurdish Tourism Commission stated that the festivities of Arbil as the capital of Arab tourism will start at the New Year Eve.
According to Tajik Deputy Minister of Energy and Industries Poulad Mohyeddinov, the second phase of Tajikistan's Sangtoudeh-II power project is due to come online during the upcoming Nowrouz festivities.