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The Surrey pine woods were too dry, however, for the festoons of the red climber.
The young married couple had taken their lodgings in the farthest corner of the wigwam, and were separated from the rest of the party by a curtain of curiously-woven twigs, such as might have hung, in deep festoons, around the bridal-bower of Eve.
Large buffalo-skins trimmed around the edges with red cloth cut into festoons, covered the back of the sleigh, and were spread over its bottom and drawn up around the feet of the travellers - one of whom was a man of middle age and the other a female just entering upon womanhood.
Norris; "the curtain will be hung in a day or two-- there is very little sense in a play without a curtain-- and I am much mistaken if you do not find it draw up into very handsome festoons.
Overhead was the week's washing, hanging in festoons so low that Martin did not see at first the two men talking in a corner.
No cocoanuts nor bananas were to be seen, though dense, tropic vegetation overran everything, dripping in airy festoons from the sheer lips of the precipices and running riot in all the crannied ledges.
asked Polly, watching Fan arrange the little frizzles on her forehead, and settle the various streamers and festoons belonging to her dress.
Scarlet beans and honeysuckles were climbing up from below to meet their pretty neighbours, and the woodbine was hanging its green festoons wherever it could cling.
Tenders are invited for Festoon Trolley And Electrical Cable System For Various Fire Stations, Phase III
Sea Gull Lighting has unveiled its LED festoon lamp, the newest addition to its line of Ambiance Lx Lighting Systems.
The system's modular design with anti-tack dip tank, and carousel cooling and drying festoon rack with up to 40 ventilators, can be flexibly adapted to specific cooling requirements.
Festoon to Present in the Top Innovator Demo Program at OnHollywood 2006