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Two of the 14 had a CS because of fetal distress after 23 and 41 days of first entry, respectively (Fig.
The clinical effect of increasing degrees of severity for HEV and coexistent lesions were evaluated by matching increasing extent-severity indices of each lesion with the incidence of perinatal complications including abnormal fetal heart rate tracings, fetal distress, and IUGR (Table 2).
Thus, detection of fetal distress via EFM use and subsequent intervention can only rarely prevent such outcomes.
3) The rise in c-sections has been paralleled by a rise in prevalence of the diagnoses of dystocia and fetal distress.
I think that autoantibodies will become a major issue in reproduction, from the earliest part of the reproductive process throughout pregnancy and up to delivery,' he says, noting that certain antibodies have already been associated with fetal distress and fetal death in patients with autoimmune disease.
During labor it is important to monitor fetal distress, and after birth it is important to monitor vital signs, especially in infants with complications or illness.
The sample did not include cases of shoulder dystocia, fetal distress, or fetal heart rate abnormalities, since these complications can be considered indications for episiotomy.
The top five health worker-related factors were: (i) fetal distress monitored but not detected; (ii) fetal distress not monitored and not detected; (iii) no intervention for prolonged second stage of labour; (iv) delay in referring the patient; and (v) delay in calling for expert assistance.
Caesarean section was performed for poor progression of labor, obstructed labor, or fetal distress.
The topics include arterial blood pressure waveform analysis and its applications in assessing vasovagal syncope, heart rate variability analysis for monitoring fetal distress and neonatal critical care, bariatric surgery and its effects on heart rate variability, heart rate variability in congestive heart failure, and heart rate variability and depression.