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Fetal presentation was classified into four groups--vertex, breech, oblique lie, and face presentation.
Noting that in this study, as in other research, cesarean delivery was associated with poorer health outcomes for women but with improved neonatal outcomes in cases of abnormal fetal presentation, the researchers suggest that cesarean section be performed only when medically necessary.
After each attempt, investigators confirmed fetal presentation by ultrasound.
Hansen has documentation showing the FDA is satisfied that Fetal Fotos is not offering "nondiagnostic" ultrasound, because it provides basic medical information, including fetal number, fetal presentation, documentation of fetal life, placental location, assessment of fetal sex where visible, and a survey of fetal anatomy for gross malformations.
An ultrasound diagnosis is done first to confirm fetal presentation and position, and to visualize the site of placental attachment.
The nursing staff assumed - but failed to verify - the fetal presentation.
To avoid undiagnosed breech deliveries, information about the mother's and the father's own presentation at birth will be valuable in the evaluation of fetal presentation in the third trimester.