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Wayne Reaves is happy to be able to provide the Fetch insurance solution to dealers using its online DMS.
I'm proud to have guided Go Fetch Ltd to where we stand in the market place currently," commented Matthew Rogers CEO of the company.
KONG Flyer Large Fetch & Toss Toy for Dogs is a fun and interactive fetch and toss toy that provides hours of outdoor exercise and entertainment for pet and pet owner.
Founded in 2009, Fetch is a global full-service mobile agency specializing in mobile media planning and buying, and is highly rated for its expertise in advertising planning proposals that utilize mobile media and the buying of advertising space in particular.
He said: "Even if you take a major artist like Constable whose Hay Wain will sell for pounds 40 million, there will be other works by him that may fetch just a 100th of that.
The rare Janneau 1872 Cognac is expected to fetch up to pounds 1,800.
Its universal appeal means it is expected to fetch at least pounds 50,000 .
3) The switchblade James Dean used in the 1955 film ``Rebel Without a Cause'' is expected to fetch $30,000-$50,000 at auction this week.
A professionally restored programme for the Sunderland v Aston Villa FA Cup final of 1913 is rated at up to pounds 5,000, while a Shay Given jersey signed by 20 Newcastle players from the 2003-04 season is likely to fetch pounds 500 and a signed Alan Shearer England shirt from 1994-95 is rated at pounds 600.
A painting by a 19th Century Tyneside artist is set to fetch a record price.
According to Rose, he had already had ample time to get over the astonishment inspired in him by CBRE's Darcy Stacom, the broker for the transaction, when she indicated prior to the bidding that the building would fetch nothing south of $400 million.