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Fetcher said he also shared a joint account with his mother, who died in 2002.
264) See Domain Fetcher, supra note 262 (showing that numerous software packages are available that hunt down available domains such as Domain Fetcher, Mozzle Domain Pro Search Tool, Domain Name Booster, and Expired Domain Sleuth).
Anne Coles' chapter on Sudan documents how the combination of distance, local cultural attitudes, and ethnicity affect the woman's role as the primary fetcher of water among Muslim and non-Muslim Sudanese (Coles in Coles and Wallace: 80).
The Irish also have a well- balanced back row with a good blend of a ball-carrier, a fetcher and a guy to slow it down on the ground.
Who in their right mind believes Gerrard and Lampard are willingly going to accept the role of fetcher and carrier for Golden Balls as he sprays 60-yard passes on to a postage stamp?
Craig Fetcher answered tax questions from Univision viewers in Sacramento on April 14 .
Armitage, whose positions include self-proclaimed `dogs-body,' fetcher, carrier and occasional greenmower, praised the work of greenkeeper Neil Kewley, whose efforts have been rewarded with the top final.
Lee uses Ruby as a kitchen drudge and fetcher of water.
JOHN McVEIGH (capt): Every team needs a journeyman, a fetcher and carrier to break things up and give the ball to the good guys and let them play.
So when Jay Fetcher, a rancher and president of the association's Routt County chapter, received the American Land Conservation Award at the National Land Trust Rally last year, more than a few eyebrows were raised.
21-23; and Matthew Fetcher and Assif Shameen, "Changing of the Guard," Asiaweek, (May 10, 1996), p, 53.
Rogin shows, for example, that the major black star of the day, Steppin' Fetcher, perpetuated the blackface image written by whites.