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If a dog is urged to the attack, its courage is instantly checked by a few drops of the fetid oil, which brings on violent sickness and running at the nose.
Ahead he fancied that the air was clearer - the fetid mists less choking - in the deep night-silence a few hours back he had fancied that he had heard the faint thunder of the sea.
The unhealthy nature of the site; the quantity and quality of the children's food; the brackish, fetid water used in its preparation; the pupils' wretched clothing and accommodations--all these things were discovered, and the discovery produced a result mortifying to Mr.
If in some hideous dissecting-room or fetid laboratory you found this man lying on a leaden table with red gutters scooped out in it for the blood to flow through, you would simply look upon him as an admirable subject.
His terrifying eyes riveted themselves upon the girl's face--she could feel his hot breath upon her cheek and the odor of the fetid vapor nauseated her.
The room turned out to be dank and fetid, with saggy beds and threadbare towels and a shower nozzle that sputtered and quaked before spitting out a few spurts of brown liquid.
After a tuneless fanfare, up will pipe the disembodied sarcastic voice of Terry Wogan, demonstrating his supreme DJ powers by crashing the opening vocals of every song, and generally hovering over the contest like a breath of fetid air.
Diamondbacks feed my smell; it's a wonder they missed this fetid potpourri.
As you reach the fertile refuge after some minor boulder hopping, shade from the towering palms (I took the park at its word there were 49) and a fetid smell from tiny, algae-tainted basins are apparent.
tied, The 4 monocycle); or (unicycle A3 tiding, tide, tend, ignited, gifted, fined, Samaritan; Good The 2 Loaded; 1 find, fiend, fidget, fetid, fend, editing, edit, edging, dint, ding, dine, digit, Quiz: diet, dent, deign, deft, FIDGETING deities.
Paying for Labour's spending binge AS WE drive along miles of pot-holed roads, the boots of our cars crammed with fetid rubbish, engaging in the now traditional leisure activity of visiting municipal dumps, we might be forgiven for thinking what is the point of local government these days?
He must do this before a mutant conspiracy turns Alvar into a fetid swamp, and enslaves the Antal.