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Maria, 44, a businesswoman, denied being fetish and adulterous, but admitted that the herbalist asked her out.
anc tcKeu al P The accused seems to have a fetish for female doctors and nurses JUDGE LOUGHRAN derry court yesterday
2 door system up PS625 inc vat 3 door up to 12ft PS1221 inc vat Other lots are Javanese Sempanie wooden rod puppet with an estimate of PS30-PS50; a North african fetish figure from Mali North africa, estimate PS100-PS200; an african bead doll, of the type it is claimed were carried by childless women, estimate PS40-PS60; an african Kikulu fetish figure wooden doll, estimate PS50-PS70 and a pair of African wooden fetish figures, from Baoule Tribe, Ivory Coast, estimate: PS30 -PS50.
The slipperiness of fetish value and the ambiguous relationship between the beard and masculinity are themes developed throughout the book.
No offence to Redknapp, but if I had a hand fetish, it wouldn't be for his.
The bizarre underwear fetish is popular in Japan, where some places even stock used knickers in pornographic vending machines.
He creates the role of renowned medical consultant Kenneth Cadbury-Love in a revamped version of the hit comedy Fetish Knights when it opens at The Lowry for an exclusive premiere run of just six shows next month.
These historiographic wobbles are accompanied by psychoanalytic ones: we hear that the fetish fails within the fantastic, because it "provokes uncanniness" (117), but then that Arthur Saint-Leon, Charles Nuitter and Leo Delibes's Coppelia has to do with women as "sexual objects to fetishize and as uncanny objects to fear" (141), as if the fetish doesn't actually fail.
Just like the Channel 4 series on travellers, the documentary My Big Fat Fetish showed us jaw-dropping things - but failed to delve very deeply or ask the questions we wanted answered.
Summary: A man with a hair fetish has been found guilty of killing and mutilating a mother-of-two using a similar method he used to kill a teenager in Italy.
And it seems the fetish for a random number runs in the family.
SKF is working with French sports car manufacturer Venturi Automobiles to help develop and manufacture the first production electric sports car in history, the Venturi Fetish.