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To oppose the spell cast by the collective fantasy of commodity fetishism, the argument proposed in this essay will examine, firstly, how 'climate change mitigation' is constructed within the boundaries set by the spell.
Admittedly, at first it might seem that Lukacs' ideas about commodity fetishism and reification shouldn't apply to Tolkien's fictional world.
The present case shows the coexistence of voyeurism and fetishism.
Anglophone critics have protested forcefully against de Clerambault's conceptual tactic of distinguishing between men's fetishism and the silk-oriented sexuality of his female subjects, 'as if,' in Leslie Camhi's words, 'feminine aberrance were itself too formless to describe without recourse to its masculine counterpart' (SF, p40); certainly, in light of his inflammatory comparison of the women's eroticism to the 'masturbatory practices of an idiot' it is easy to understand accusations such as Jann Matlock's of a 'bitter misogyny' in de Clerambault's analysis (MW, p60).
A few years later, in 1927, he wrote down his theory about fetishism.
Anthropologists have discussed the question of whether traditional animism has been replaced by modern money-based fetishism, (21) but I will leave this question alone and focus on the need for a revisited Christian pneumatology in the context of fetishization.
The Church has become a sort of metonymy of the history of Yekaterinburg, that is why the Church is a kind of the narrative fetishism.
In opposition to this naturalizing discourse, Ramazani draws from his literary texts not a counterfetishistic irony, stable in its sense of counter-hegemonic purpose, but rather an unstable irony, constantly oscillating between incompatible perceptions, unsettling and destabilizing the fetishism which the nation-state takes for granted.
Known for unusual fetishism around costumery and choreography, the Spookies redefine masculine boofiness with such tawdry anthems as Don't Stand Between A Man and His Tool and Stop Scratching it (You're Only Making It Worse).
In his book Fashion and Fetishism--Corsets, Tight-Lacing and other Forms of Body Sculpture (2006) David Kunzle argues that constriction of a part of the body, whether the torso or, as in China, feet constitutes fetishism, whereby the erotic instinct fastens onto a part of the body (or clothing).
There are also sections on Economics, Religion, Sexual Perversions (exhibitionism, fetishism, sadism, transvestitism, voyeurism), and a section for such terms as Murphy's Law, Pollyanna, Catch-22, and yahoo.