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The explicit black-and-white images feature coquettish poses, fetishistic clothing, and nudity.
Not managing to bag the licences that FIFA does each year, you're not getting the fetishistic approach to team line-ups, kits, stadiums and likenesses that EA roll out on a yearly basis.
WITH its fastidious approach to driving and fetishistic attitude to cars, Forza Motorsport is the racing series of choice for the Xbox-owning automobile aficionado.
The food in glass jars, especially the meat and cheese, feels slightly ritualistic and fetishistic.
Their topics include thinking difference as different thinking in her deconstructive genealogies, veils as textiles that matter, Irigaray and the female genealogical line in the stories of the Greeks, Antigone and the ethics of kinship, hospitality and sexual difference in Homer, her challenge to the fetishistic hegemony of the Platonic one and many, and uses and misuses of tradition in the articulation of difference and plurality.
He claims to draw inspiration from music, fashion, modern design and film to create rather fetishistic works featuring women in red high heels, gloves and not much else.
And where better to indulge it than that flickering, fetishistic playground void of the millennial age, the Internet?
Although a person may have a lot of fetishistic fantasies, this is not considered as a disorder unless it leads this individual to behave in a coercive and unreasonable manner, thereby damaging his/her sexual relation with the partner and causing distress.
On one level it's also the romance of Brooklyn businessman Arthur Williams and Lucy a former Nebraskan with a rack of skeletons in the closet and a fetishistic attachment to a powder blue peignoir.
In his use of epiphany Pirandello imitates both Romantic concepts and himself, suggesting that a 'humoristic' sublime moment can be achieved by a magical incantation,' the fetishistic attachment to the same groups of words' (p.
Eyes are common tokens in Takashi Murakami's fetishistic repertoire.