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Now were the fetters struck from the last of the red men, and thirteen strong we met each new charge of the soldiers of Salensus Oll.
He is of the same mind as the old poet Davenant who thought it folly to take away the liberty of a poet and fetter his feet in the shackles of an historian.
Whether it was the absence of the fetters or not, it made no very deep impression on Mr Lenville's adversary, however, but rather seemed to increase the good-humour expressed in his countenance; in which stage of the contest, one or two gentlemen, who had come out expressly to witness the pulling of Nicholas's nose, grew impatient, murmuring that if it were to be done at all it had better be done at once, and that if Mr Lenville didn't mean to do it he had better say so, and not keep them waiting there.
His imagination became affected by his fetters in a precise, matter-of-fact manner.
A faint clink of his fetters made the woman turn her head.
He walked out into the court and paced it to and fro; startling the echoes, as he went, with the harsh jangling of his fetters.
He hurled himself forward until the iron fetter bit deep into his flesh, but all futilely.
While it was thus engaged Ghek took his spider-like way along the table to the opposite end where lay the key to the fetter.
Fetching it he unlocked the fetter from about the creature's ankle, locked it empty and carried the key farther down into the burrow.
But he is here now," said the officer grimly, "and his fetter is locked about his ankle.
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