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Judge Debra Vogt advised Fetters - who previously served prison time for dealing heroin and methamphetamine - that parenting and drug use do not mix.
Fetters said that the company was moving through an 'exceptional financial condition' due to disciplined underwriting, conservative reserving practices, prudent investment strategies and a continued commitment to value-added marketing.
I have been a crafter my whole life," Fetters said.
The New York-centric film appealed to Gothamite and helmer Allen Coulter, whom Fetters credits with supplying much of the pic's authenticity.
Immediately prior to joining NSNA staff, Carol Fetters Andersen spent four years with the National League for Nursing in New York, the nation's largest and oldest membership organization in nursing education.
Employing high modernist poetics, Tolson escapes the fetters of national boundaries in The Libretto for the Republic of Liberia.
Fetters said that Croda had been looking for an improved monitoring system for.
FREED FROM the fetters that bind broadcasters using "the public airwaves," cable and satellite providers are able to pipe into our homes the indecent, gratuitous, excessively violent programming that all right-thinking Americans demand.
In this manner, Fetters accumulated more and more "workers" for his plantation, acquired great wealth, was elected to the legislature, and loaned money at such high rates that he held the mortgage, and thus the loyalty, of almost every former southern aristocrat, businessman, politician, and judge in the area.
Loosen the Fetters of Thy Tongue, Woman": The Poetry and Poetics of Yona Wallach.
This is the fast that pleases me," God says through the prophet: "To break unjust fetters, to let the oppressed go free, to share your bread with the hungry, and shelter the homeless poor.
More importantly, said Larry Fetters of the federal Transportation Security Agency, is that the Los Angeles experience has served as a warning for airports nationwide.