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Statistics about the total number of families involved in blood feud and the total number of victims affected by it is inconsistent and varies widely.
So if you're ever faced with feuding coworker, try these three tactics: make sure you're following all the company's guidelines related to the subject of the feud, flummox the coworker with nonresponses, and co-opt nasty conversations.
Police say the shooting was a result of an ongoing feud between two rival groups in the city.
He said the attack is potentially linked to the murder of Massey and the continuing feud in the city.
The jirga led by Nisar Hayat Khan struggled hard for more than one month and finally succeeded in settling the feud.
MTFRU acting Deputy Chairperson Yamashita Mangakop said the family feud involved "ordinary people" but the nature of the conflict was "serious" among Muslim locals that abide by the rule of the Shariah Law that prescribes death for all parties involved in adultery.
Though these anachronisms are distracting, they are part of Zmora's effort to make the feud relevant to a broader audience.
The brutal killing of the women and innocent children motivated by a blood feud has sent shockwaves across the country, with many questioning the underlying reasons behind these murders and possible solutions.
Hassan is a member of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the main Muslim rebel group until it signed a peace treaty with the government in 1996, but the feud does not involve his organization, the military said.
Gardai have also recovered a significant arsenal of weaponry from both sides of the feud - but the bad blood continues to flow.
The feud between the Mongan and Stokes families on one side and the Bourke, Delaney and Riley clans on the other began after Ned Mongan was ambushed at a bare-knuckle contest in July.
These are the weapons that are being use ubiquitously in sectarian and tribal feuds in southern Sudan in general and in Lakes State in particular.