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LORD. In England, this is a title of honor. Fortunately in the U. S. no such titles are allowed.

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Nasreen Bibi, a widow told The Nation that her daughter Saba Rani lived at the house of local feudal lord Muhammad Arshad as a housemaid .
In March last year, Pope Francis beatified the Japanese feudal lord, dubbing him the 'Japanese samurai of God.
The feudal lord claimed that had he not intervened in the matter, the girl would never be able to get justice from the courts.
Family 2: Ajmal Khan is the first cousin of Jalal Khan, the feudal lord.
In his office, in front of a log fire with two Irish wolfhounds at his feet, he looked every inch the feudal lord.
Pettett holds the view that Shakespeare intends Timon to be "the ideal feudal lord living up to the full obligation of bounty and housekeeping" (324).
13 ASSASSINS Film4, 9pm A ruthless feudal lord rises to prominence in 19th-century Japan, using his political influence to gain more power, with which he commits atrocities against the populace.
VIENNA - A 19th-century scale model of the mansion of a Japanese daimyo feudal lord will be repaired as a major exhibit at the Museum of Ethnology within the Hofburg Palace in Vienna from around 2016.
The action-packed samurai film 13 Assassins is about a group of elite Samurai secretly enlisted to bring down a tyrannical feudal lord.
The feudal lord became so impatient that he threw away his administration,'' Ishii said, referring to Hosokawa, the scion of a samurai clan that ruled what is now Kumamoto Prefecture.
A THE medieval term "freeman" referred to a person who was not the property of a feudal lord but enjoyed privileges such as the right to earn money and own land.
At 75, Kurosawa made a film about a feudal lord who retires from ruling his kingdom, dividing it among his three sons (unlike Lear's three daughters).