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Based upon recent events stemming from Major League Baseball (MLB), Olympic Track and Field, and the torturous Tour de France, the bottom line is easily discernable: We are facing a formidable PED upswing with a stout contingent of athletes from all sports who are being mentored and advised by astute associates who search feverishly for testing loopholes.
Mr 'Bite yer legs' himself could be seen feverishly scrambling around in his jacket pocket as one over-zealous, and seemingly non-football-loving, steward, asked him to display his credentials as he tried to move up into the stand.
Recently, as the Town of Wawa worked feverishly to save this important investment, the situation has shown signs of being resolved, but only because the alternative was unacceptable to the Town of Wawa supported by the office of its MPP and senior staff at the MTO and MNDM.
Friends helped friends mop up their lives, while drag queens worked feverishly to put together Stone Age costumes.
Strong is feverishly working to bring his syncretistic world religion and world government, to prominence.
Back at SDDC in Fort Eustis, the Command Operations Center's NORTHCOM team supported Hodge and worked feverishly since the storm began.
With time in short supply, the military doctors and Kadhem's parents each worked feverishly to accomplish all of the prerequisite tasks needed to get Kadhem the operation.
she's feverishly working to overturn the federal level.
As it does, makers of big, high-resolution TV screens are feverishly exploring technologies to gain a competitive edge.
As she searched feverishly for answers to restore her health, she was appalled at the bias against useful alternative health care approaches.
Unable to free her, Sergeant Breck feverishly fought the fire with extinguishers and calmed the victim.
It's 1936 in New York, and the Jewish population is feverishly trying to bring loved ones over from Germany.