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The feverishness with which Tearle invokes these discourses indicates that he is incapable of defending them in contemporary Hillbrow, where the irrelevance of these constructions becomes increasingly evident.
These results and the feverishness felt in our sales department leads us to expect an exceptional 5th season.
They all appeared underfed, and their gaiety had not even a feverishness.
So fever brings colour to the cheeks but is absolutely to be avoided, at least according to one of the film's main arbiters of propriety, and, in the case of both these references, feverishness is linked to Newland's attempts to chase after Ellen (first at the Blenker house and then--in Newland's thinly disguised travel plans, which never materialize--in Europe).
Some sufferers also experience other problems, including irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, fatigue, feverishness and chills and even chest pain.
For most people this just means suffering a miserable few days of feverishness, shivering and aching muscles but for the elderly and weak a dose of this common illness can be fatal.
A band of light crosses his eyes, emphasizing their feverishness.
Whitman's energetic spirit of inclusiveness and Poe's dark isolation and feverishness, rather than Longfellow's courtesy and deference, were often evoked by the younger Yiddish poets in their angst, their linguistic and spiritual alienation, and their ambivalent feelings about the mysteries of the city.
There was "speculative feverishness," a desire to beat out rivals, maximize profits, and grow even larger.