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Given the inevitability of fewness in the number of competitors of
He then proceeds to question whether, given the fewness of Brothers remaining in schools, that there is a future for a recognisable and distinctively Marist way of educating.
These include sexual harassment by male students and lecturers, gender stereotyping, maleness of the classroom environment, loneliness due to extreme fewness of females in the classroom (Mlama, 1998).
DIRLAM & KAHN, supra note 44, at 33 ("Rarely does the cause of effective competition demand an attack on an industry because of the fewness of the firms that make it up.
The fewness of the natives is the hardest trial I have had to bear.
For the memory always rejoices [says Hugh] in both brevity of length and fewness in number, and therefore it is necessary, when the sequence of your reading tends toward length, that it first be divided into a few units, so that what the memory could not comprehend as a single expanse it can comprehend at least in a number.
Along the way we have stressed the surprising fewness of research papers that empirically test hypotheses concerning financial innovation, although we have also offered some conjectures as to why that fewness might not be so surprising after all.