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Giddiness, frivolity, fickleness, love of admiration
But God laughs at the presumption of man, who wants to raise and prostrate the powers on earth without consulting the King above; and the fickleness and caprice of the Dutch combined with the terror inspired by Louis XIV.
There are the brave champion, whether noble or common man, who conquers or falls against overwhelming odds; the faithful lover of either sex; the woman whose constancy, proving stronger than man's fickleness, wins back her lover to her side at last; the traitorous old woman (victim of the blind and cruel prejudice which after a century or two was often to send her to the stake as a witch); the loyal little child; and some few others.
He did indeed account somewhat unfairly for this sudden change; for besides some hard and unjust surmises concerning female fickleness and mutability, he began to suspect that he owed this want of civility to his want of horses; a sort of animals which, as they dirty no sheets, are thought in inns to pay better for their beds than their riders, and are therefore considered as the more desirable company; but Mrs Whitefield, to do her justice, had a much more liberal way of thinking.
The placable and soft-hearted Briggs speechlessly pushed out her hand at this appeal; but she felt the desertion most keenly for all that, and bitterly, bitterly moaned the fickleness of her Matilda.
And Mortimer, whose name is for ever blotted out from my list of lovers, by reason first of fickleness and then of base desertion, how do YOU do, wretch?
ENERGY industry experts agree on one thing about their industry -- its fickleness.
What above all irks the Arab Group of nations regarding Israel's possession of nuclear weapons is the fickleness of the Israeli leadership which inclines to use disproportionate force where none is warranted, giving others the impression that its lack of self-restraint might one day impel it to use mass destruction weapons such as nuclear weapons against unarmed civilians, said Al-Mansouri.
The sports presenter has proved when it comes to the fickleness of fame, one minute you're on the leader board, and the next, it's game over.
There aren't many examples of such loyalty in the modern game, either because of the fickleness of clubs and their fans who readily offload assets in a heartbeat to chase quick-fire success.
Tory Mike Fabricant reveals the fickleness of voters as he goes for an eye check-up.
Addressing a press conference here at a local hotel, Anwar Maqsood said, "This play is set in background of the current political situation in the country, the fickleness of the prevalent situation, the accusations against the electoral system and much talked about verymuch infashion "Dharney".