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She by her fickleness strove to make my ruin irretrievable; I will strive to gratify her wishes by seeking destruction; and it will show generations to come that I alone was deprived of that of which all others in misfortune have a superabundance, for to them the impossibility of being consoled is itself a consolation, while to me it is the cause of greater sorrows and sufferings, for I think that even in death there will not be an end of them.
Songs and proverbs, all talk of woman's fickleness.
Did I not, in my truest thoughts, always recurring and always dismissed, see past the beauty of the face, and, peering into the soul, discern the twin shadows of selfishness and of fickleness glooming at the back of it?
I am so much attached to you that I may confide in you, my dear, as a third party wholly disinterested, that he is fickleness itself.
The placable and soft-hearted Briggs speechlessly pushed out her hand at this appeal; but she felt the desertion most keenly for all that, and bitterly, bitterly moaned the fickleness of her Matilda.
Giddiness, frivolity, fickleness, love of admiration
This could change however due to the fickleness of politicians and their constant quest for expedience.
He said: "Every game you play as a manager - particularly in the fickleness of football in Ireland - your livelihood is on the line, your neck is on the line.
It was a very sobering lesson on the transient nature of sporting allegiance, and the cocky fickleness of the kind of fans who delight in venting their spleen and giving their opinions voice on fans forums and other platforms, even though the vast majority of them would not have a clue about the realities of modern sports coaching.
ENERGY industry experts agree on one thing about their industry -- its fickleness.
What above all irks the Arab Group of nations regarding Israel's possession of nuclear weapons is the fickleness of the Israeli leadership which inclines to use disproportionate force where none is warranted, giving others the impression that its lack of self-restraint might one day impel it to use mass destruction weapons such as nuclear weapons against unarmed civilians, said Al-Mansouri.
His topics are the sources, from Cardia to Babylon, from Babylon to Cappadocia, from Cappadocia to Triparadeisus, the fickleness of fortune, the reckoning with Antigonus, and Greeks and Macedonians.