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The various media sources that may impact public perceptions of crime, crime prevention, and public safety can be divided into two major categories: fictional and non-fictional depictions.
The makers of a new film featuring Irrfan Khan and Deepika Padukone have clarified that the project is fictional, contrary to earlier reports that it's a biopic on mafia queen Rahima Khan aka Sapna Didi.
The fictional town of Itomori, where half of movie takes place, was set in Japan's Gifu Prefecture.
Scholars of languages and literature of the eastern Mediterranean explore fictional storytelling in the region from about the eighth century to the 15th AD, considering both stories told with variation in many cultures and languages, and stories that originated in specific contact zones and had a more limited circulation.
One brief picture was included to highlight the real-life context of the fictional story - that a fictional officer suppressed claims of sexual exploitation by a fictional politician.
My favorite fictional character is Humphrey the Hamster in the World According to Humphrey.
Stephen Schiffer's pleonastic account of fictional characters, antithetical to my view in certain respects, may help elucidate my position.
One comparative advantage of artefactual theories over their rivals is their conformity with our pre-theoretic intuition according to which fictional characters are created entities.
Fantastic Beasts' is the textbook owned by Harry Potter and written by the "magizoologist" Newt Scamander, a fictional character in the Harry Potter series.
Fictional First-Person Discourses in Cuban Diaspora Novels: The Author Within and Beyond Textual Boundaries.
The show is about a fictional British Royal Family with a racy take on life and will be full of, the Daily Express reported.
Frank and Fiona Build a Fictional Story Rachel Lynette, author