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For children Amos and Bertha, the Dragons of Mount Pilatus by Irene Ritter is a fictionalisation of a local legend Richly illustrated the book brings out the special aura of mystery that surrounds the mountain Available from Mount Pilatus Railways tel 041/329 1113 or fax 041/329 1112 www.
Mr Nettleship came to take pride in his fictionalisation as the severe potions wizard Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series that made Rowling a multi-millionaire.
A fictionalisation of Danny Wallace's best-selling memoir, somewhere in all this is a Capra-esque fable about the need to reach out to others.
This fascinating fictionalisation of the life of Ian Curtis and his band Joy Division is an incredible insight into the reasons behind his suicide as his band were approaching their peak.
On the other, in his kitsch, knowing 50s style fictionalisation of Mizer and his harmless frolics, he seemed to be after a physique photography Ed Wood.
Written on the hoof in 1971 as an attempt to record a fictionalisation of his odyssey through every mind altering chemical substance known to man while covering the Mint 400 motorbike race, Thompson's novel is a drug-fuelled response to his disillusionme nt with the way 60s hippie idealism had given way to the cynical selnterest and soullessness embodied in the gaudy American dream wasteland of Vegas.
Though its long-delayed appearance here renders it rather less timely than in America, where it opened at the height of the Lewinsky allegations, director Mike Nichols and writer Elaine May's adaptation of the novel by Anonymous (aka former White House a ide Joe Klein) still scores with its gradually darkening comedic political satire and exemplary acting as it ties sexual scandal to a sympathetic, not entirely loose, fictionalisation of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign in the person of doughnu t-chomping Southern governor Jack Stanton (John Travolta) and long suffering but loyal spouse Susan (Emma Thompson).