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Fielding's self-conscious fictionalization of the trial records and his narrative structure allow him to adapt Hamilton's story in order to highlight, first, the containment and disciplining of desire and, then, the body's public, published visibility as a mixed-gender spectacle.
But the simple fact that Amado the novelist had to transcribe into writing and therefore edit and organize this anecdote (the selected dialogue format, a narrative alternating Portuguese and French, including an effort to render oral expression) (12) several years later results in a fictionalization of the Brazilian Victor Hugo.
The closest possibility of such a reimagining of the fictionalization of Virk, in my view, is offered by Tess Chakkalakal's suggestion that we consider this murder an example of Canadian lynching (2000, 165, 167).
Other topics include surface fictionalization of carbon catalyst- support for fuel cells, the role of carbon support materials for fuel-cell catalysts, and developments of alkaline solid polymer electrolyte membranes based on polyvinyl alcohol and their applications in electrochemical cells.
Leavitt admits (in lengthy source notes) that he's taken liberties with his fictionalization of history.
Spotting the edge of fictionalization is one of the pleasures of reading these books, and many apparently historical moments take on new vividness when they are illustrated in comics.
Howard's fictionalization of the event provides an intimate view of murder and injustice, particularly when the victim is known and lives of everyone involved are changed.
Such a social realist concern is unmistakably evident not only in Morrison's fictionalization of the conflicted racist ideologies and the implications of the immigrant presence on African American opportunities but also in the novelist's meticulous recording of the steady gains made by the African Americans in the occupational industry during the post - World War II period.
In a nutshell: Disturbingly persuasive fictionalization of the Valley murder case.
Johnson uses such techniques as duality of voices, control over the narration, fictionalization of the narrative "I," and rhetoric as a mask for subversion, techniques often found in either Equiano or Douglass.
To be sure, this is not a flattering fictionalization of Bush.
Number the Stars takes place during the Nazi occupation of Denmark and presents a fictionalization of an amazing historical event, the cooperative effort in which the entire Jewish population was smuggled out of the country.