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EVENTS MOVE quickly in ``Embedded,'' Tim Robbins' seriocomic look at American journalists tracking a fictionalized - but decidedly Iraq resonant - Gulf War.
It's a fictionalized look at Alley's life as a has-been leading lady of TV and movie comedies who wants a little respect even though she's tipping the scales at 200-plus pounds.
In this novel, entitled Raids and Romance of Morgan and His Men, Ford presented fictionalized accounts of Morgan's incursions into Union territory; and at the time of publication, Morgan sat in a Union prison (from which he would later escape).
Author of Topher, Breath of a Ghost, and What They Don't Know, Horrocks's story is a fictionalized retelling of growing up in a small Mennonite community.
Indeed, each of the 52 chapters could successfully stand alone as brilliantly presented short stories as the boys meet fictionalized versions of a series of memorable characters ranging from civil rights activist James Meredith to Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner.
Fictionalized (actually, composite) characters and situations are introduced to help the reader absorb the lessons more readily, and the book concludes with an extensive diagram of the "roadmap" organizations can follow to "win an MWB.
This engaging fictionalized biography of Walt Disney recounts Austrian cartoonist Wilhelm Dantine's obsession to tarnish the reputation of the man who fired him.
The Death of Johnny Ace, his first novel, is a fictionalized biography of an early 1950s R&B singer who died playing Russian roulette moments before a Christmas Eve concert in Houston.
Sarah's Girls: A Chronicle Of Big Ugly Creek" is a fictionalized story based on the author's family who lived in a remote Appalachian community at the turn of the last century.
You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself and raise your own public profile," stated Singer in the letter.
This spiritual fictionalized story begins with a weathered sack, a blue tin box, and an old manuscript after excavating a failed swimming pool from his back yard, discovered to be written by one John Chapman (popularly known as Johnny Appleseed).
The End Of Forever: The Story Of Mekinges And William Conner by Denise Page Caraher is a novel for young adults, based upon a libretto written by the author, which in turn draws upon history, thought with some fictionalized characters and accounts.