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Or the fictive family who made her final years so happy?
In The Fictive and the Imaginary (which Oatley does not cite), Iser explains how the "fictive component of literature" motivates the imaginary: "By opening up spaces of play, the fictive compels the imaginary to take on a form at the same time that it acts as a medium for its manifestation.
Keywords: Fictive context, Fiction Text, Message, Perception, Creative Writing Skills
Summary: Western thought is fond of dualities -- the brain and the heart, body and soul, conscience and cruelty, the reality and the fictive.
Akerman's concerns with narrative and the relationship between the textual and the visual, the fictive and the documentary, are to be mirrored in the show's design, which promises an innovative display of materials selected from the artist's archive.
During Wednesday`s interview, the Finance Minister refused to reveal the concrete reason for conducting the probe, confirming that fictive fuel import was taking place in Bulgaria.
Turkey issued three warrants for Asliturk's arrest over fictive export, fraud and forgery of documents.
Not the big fictive pieces, but shorter, more lyric and personal poems, often addressed to his friends.
Kyoto and Shimane police arrested two men on Monday on suspicion of illegally collecting large sums from individuals to invest in a fictive import business, promising high returns, police said.
It then reviews the emerging conceptualisation of youth permanency in child welfare practice that focuses on lifelong connections to kin and fictive kin as requirements for permanency.
Each chapter focuses on a particular family of psychopathology, beginning with a fictive "case history" drawn from a well known film followed by descriptions of specific disorders with brief references to characters and situations from other films.