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Teams at the FID routinely analyse such suspicious financial transactions to discover if the source of funds for the payments made is coming from illegal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism or other crimes.
Therefore, nothing is gained by making FID cards subject to the "discretion'' of police chiefs (or any other bureaucrat).
During the curfew people stay many hours in their homes, which increase their food consumption," said member of FID, Ashraf Hosny.
The Senate identified political interference as one of the reasons the promoters of the Brass LNG project were yet to take the FID, which was supposed to have been taken in the first quarter of 2011.
FID blurs the distinction between direct and indirect discourse so that it can be defined as a type of narration in which a character's vocalization and a narrator voice are blended without any reporting clause (Wales 164) and it is the displacement of the objective author's plane and subjective character's plane which are balanced (Leskiv 52).
SEALs and SWCC, as well as NSW's organic CS and CSS personnel, conduct combat FID in Iraq and Afghanistan and FID/SFA around the world.
Many students who are now junior officers taking language courses here at the Defense Language Institute will participate in FID operations in Iraq or Afghanistan.
The FID has operated as the de facto FIU since 2001.
Mi FID aims to create a pan-EU market for financial products such as stock and bonds and will affect all companies buying and selling securities in the 25-nation bloc.
Like the FID Gas Station, the EZ-Bio is the latest product introduction based on a standard design.